[Tokyo Geisha Virtual Tour] Let’s interact with real Geisha!!

Experience Geisha Tour– Let’s enjoy talking and playing with a real geisha on live!
Let’s discover over 300 years history of Geisha world from Asakusa, one of the biggest Geisha districts in Tokyo
✔ Understand Geisha’s daily life through ask questions with Geisha.

The part 1 of the 2 [Tokyo Geisha] virtual tours

Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 Tokyo, Japan 11:00~12:30 JST (UTC +9)

*you can enjoy it by yourself or with your family/friends

This tour is carried out with the support of the “Online Technology Utilization Project to Increase Visitor’s Motivation “ led by the Japan Tourism Agency.

The special guides!

Geisha : Chino

Chino will be with you to watch “The History of Geisha”on live from a broadcasting studio. She will teach us how to play online “ozashiki” games

Geisha : Chizuru

Chizuru will be broadcasting from the scene Asakusa. She will show you her favorite shops

The History of Geisha: What are Geisha and where are they today?

Speaking of Asakusa, it is the famous Sensoji Temple, but it is not the only one. In fact, Asakusa Kagai, which extends to the north of Sensoji Temple, is one of the best geisha districts in Tokyo, boasting tradition and prestige.

Beginning in the 17th century Edo period (at the end of the Taisho era), Kagai district expanded with 49 restaurants, 250 teahouses, and 1,060 geisha. However, due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and the ongoing war, Asakusa Kagai was destroyed. After the war, all the people concerned to focus on its revival. And even now, they have been contributing to the regional reconstruction of Asakusa Kagai and the improvement of the entertainment culture of geisha.

During the tour, we will take a closer look at the history of Asakusa geisha and ask a geisha about the current daily life and their trainings.

We will walk around Asakusa with a geisha virtually.
She will introduce you to her favorite shops. And at the end of the tour, she will show you Asakusa geisha dance and play. You can experience it “online”!
Please look forward to what kind of play you can experience.
A geisha who is difficult to meet and talk to in person. This is a great opportunity. Let’s enjoy together.

Do not hesitate to ask what you are interested in, such as geisha history, daily life, and dancing.
The geisha on the live will answer your questions.


Part1 Tokyo Geisha virtual tour
Geisha old and new stories
  • Before the tour

    After your reservation, we will send you a mail about the zoom link and other necessary information.

  • The day of the tour

    Please open the zoom link and participate it at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.

  • Part 1: Old and New Stories

    We will introduce you “Kagai” and “Kenban”, which are indispensable for telling the history of geisha.
    The transition of Asakusa geisha- from the post war to the burst of the bubble economy 
    What is the daily life of a geisha? Any questions are welcome!
    Walk around Asakusa with a geisha virtually on live. She will introduce you her favorite shops

  • Part 2: Geisha’s “dance” and “ozashiki plays”

    We will introduce you the performances of [Asakusa Meibutsu] and [Sawagi].
    We will explain about the meaning of dances and the points of appreciation.
    How many geisha plays do you know? Let’s experience it together online♪

    Q & A and Commemorative photo

  • Tour ends

    The end time may change. Please accept it

It is recommended for people like…!

  • Those who like to see the world of geisha
  • Those who are interested in traditional culture and performing arts
  • Those who like to play Ozashiki asobi(special geisha games) But those who don’t know what to do …
  • Those who like to know about the history of Asakusa by experts

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